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About Us

About Us Islamic Quran Center

All About Islamic Quran Center We welcome you all to our prestigious Islamic Quran center where we try our best to spread the words of Allah Almighty and keep Muslims.......
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Our Core Values

Our Platform is 100% Secure and Save. Following are our Core Values.

  • We don’t like any kind of irresponsible work. We do every aspect of our work responsibly. And that is the identity of our responsible institution.

  • We guarantee you that the safety of your every work is our top priority. Especially in the education of Islam.

  • Our organization is capable of supporting you in all kinds of difficulties. Our institution will never be left you alone in terms of the difficulties of education. Inshallah

  • As we all know honesty is a great practice and everyone likes it. Inshallah, you will never have a chance to doubt our institution in terms of honesty.

Online Quran Center

An Online Quran Center for Learning Al-Quran Arabic Language Globally

Islamic Quran Center is an Online Quran and Islamic Seminary for learning Quran and other Islamic education. This Online Quran Center wants to illuminate the path of every Muslim regarding religious studies with the doctrine of Islam. Those who want to gain expertise in the Islamic field must start with Al Quran and other teachings. Along with skill, it has many other benefits. For example, learning Quran and additional Islamic education gives you mental and spiritual peace. You feel religiously feel good to some extent. And, by following Islamic teachings, you can succeed in this World and the hereafter. If you want to start Al-Quran and other Islamic teachings, join our Online Quran Institute and start it regularly. Those Muslims who live in countries like the USA, the U.K., Australia, Germany, and all other Western countries always say that we don’t find a reliable Quran Institute near us. So for this purpose, we have established this Quran Center Online. So, you or your kids can enrol in it online, from anywhere, by allocating your preferred timings. It is an excellent opportunity for them to take benefit from our Institution.

What is the Holy Quran?

The Quran is also Known or spelt as (Al-Quran, القرآن) or Koran). Moreover, it is also called the “Holy Word of Allah.” The Quran is the last Holy Book of Islam revealed by Allah Almighty through his Angel Hazrat Gabriel A.S. to our last beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In Addition, Allah Almighty Himself has taken responsibility for its protection. So in that sense, the Holy Quran is the most vital essence of Islam. Moreover, this book is read and understood with respect. The Holy Quran is a complete Book in which all previous prophets are mentioned in detail.

What is the Holy Quran in Islam?

From the Islamic point of view, the Book revealed to every prophet of Allah is of great importance. Furthermore, as Muslims, we must necessarily believe in all the prophets, from Hazrat Adam (A.S) to Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH). In the same way, it is necessary to believe in the Holy Books of the Prophets to whom the Holy Books were revealed. As we all know, Allah revealed the Holy Quran to our last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). And the Holy Qur’an is the last heavenly and complete Holy book. Because it contains the events of all the prophets, for this reason, Muslims mostly read and understand the Holy Book of the Quran more.

How many Heavenly Holy Books are there in Islam?

Many people want to know about the number of Heavenly (آسمانی) Holy Books. Allah revealed these Holy Books to different Prophets (A.S.) in different periods. There are a total of four (4) Heavenly Holy Books in Islam, which were exposed to these prophets.

  1. Tawrat (Torah, تورات): Torah was revealed by Allah to our Prophet Hazrat Musa (A.S.).
  2. Zabur (Psalms, زبور): Zabur was revealed by Allah to our Prophet Hazrat Dawood (A.S.).
  3. Injil (Gospel, انجیل): The Book of the Injil was revealed to Hazrat Isa (A.S.) by Allah.
  4. Holy Quran (قران مجید): The Holy Quran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (Peace Be Upon Him) by Allah.

How many Sipara or Paras is in the Holy Quran?

There are a total of Thirty (30) Sipara or Paras (سپارے or پارے) in the Holy Quran, which have different names. Each Qur’anic Sipara (سپارے) introduces us to the commandments of Allah, such as the principles of living, information about the periods of previous prophets, and their lifestyles. Moreover, it provides awareness about the creation of humans and other creatures and much additional information. All Worldly, earthly, and heavenly sciences are present in the Holy Quran.

How many Surahs (Chapters or Lessons) are in the Quran?

Some people want to know how many Surahs (سورتیں) or Chapters are there in Holy Quran. So for your information, there is One Hundred Fourteen (114) Surahs (Chapters or Lessons) in the Holy Quran. Some of which are very long and some very short. In the Holy Quran, except Surah At-Tawbah (سورۃ التوبۃ), every Surah begins with the recitation of Bismillah (أَعُوذُ بِاللَّـهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجِيمِ-  بِسْمِ اللّٰهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیْمِ).

How many Verses or Ayaat are in Holy Quran?

There are a total of Six Thousand Six Hundred Sixty-Six (6666) verses or Ayaat (آیات یا آیتیں) in the Holy Quran. The length of each verse is different from the others. Many verses in the Holy Quran are also recited as supplications.

What is the Longest and Smallest Surah in the Holy Quran?

If we talk about the biggest Surah (سورہ), then it is Surah Al-Baqarah (سورہ بقرہ) which has Two Hundred Eighty-Six (286) Verses. The smallest Surah is Al-Kawthar (Al-Kawsar – سورۃ الکوثر), which has three (3) verses in total.

What is the Longest and Smallest Verse (Ayat) in the Holy Quran?

If we talk about the verse, the most extensive Verse (Ayat) is from Surah Al-Baqarah (البقرہ), and in this Surah, Verse number is Two Hundred Eighty-Two (282). And the shortest Verse (Ayat) is in Surah TA HA (طٰهٰ), and in this Surah, Verse (Ayat) number is One (1).

Acquire the best knowledge of the Quran:

As you know, Holy Quran has great importance in Islam. If you want to learn Islam, you must understand the Holy Quran. It is imperative to act by reading with a complete understanding of the Holy Quran because, with this process, we can fully understand Islam. In most Western countries, Muslims are deprived of Islamic teachings. We have established this online Institute for their education so that they can study at their chosen time. We try our best to provide maximum educational facilities to our students.

Enlighten the Heart with the Education of the Quran and Islam

Suppose you live a dark life and want to brighten it with Islamic teachings and other important information. So for this purpose, you must start studying the Holy Quran from childhood. Many Muslims are of sufficient age but are not familiar with the teachings of the Quran. They should familiarize themselves and their three (3) or four (4) year-old children with the teachings of the Holy Quran. In the Holy Quran, almost all sciences or knowledge exist regarding Islam, for example, prayers, fasting, Hajj, Zakat, etc. Every Muslim man and woman must learn all these commandments of Allah. We can live an Islamic life only by reading the Holy Quran with understanding. Because of this, we can follow all the commands of Allah. And thanks to this, we can enlighten our hearts with the ideology of Islam.

How to get Islamic and Quranic Education Online?

Suppose you want to start Learning Islam and Quran seriously. So it is now very effortless because the Islamic Quran Center (اسلامک قرآن سنٹر) online provides all the Islamic and Quranic teachings at home. This Online Quran Center offers an excellent opportunity to beautify your life with Al Quran and other Islamic educational sciences. Every Muslim dream that they collect the gems of Islamic knowledge in his mind and convey this knowledge to other people. Our Islamic Quran Center Online provides a complete explanation in this regard.

The Basic Priority of the Islamic Quran Center

Islamic Quran Center (اسلامک قرآن سنٹر) provides complete education to Muslims about Islam, Quran, and Sunnah. The main objective of our Institution is to provide instruction in Holy Quran. While we also teach all Islamic sciences. Holy Quran fills your actions and life with purity and happiness. This Quran Learning Center is especially for all Muslims who want to learn it seriously. Those determined Muslims who wish to learn the Quran online from a certified and famous centre for the Holy Quran can contact us.

Al Quran Learning Center for Kids & Adults

Our Al Quran Learning Center invites Muslims WorldWide to participate in the Islamic educational curriculum. Both kids and adults can benefit from these Islamic teachings from our Institution. As we all know, children have higher learning abilities than adults. Therefore, we would advise you to teach your children the art of religious education from an early age. There are many reasons for this which are as follows.

Benefits of receiving Islamic and Quranic teachings from childhood:

  1. The child will get familiar with Islamic teachings and principles from childhood.
  2. It will help in reading and understanding the Holy Quran.
  3. He will be familiar with religious and Shariah issues.
  4. He can become the best Islamic teacher in the future.
  5. After acquiring various Islamic and Quranic sciences, you can preach to others.
  6. Most importantly, you can get acquainted with many critical Islamic aspects.

Quran Center Online for Kids of Muslim Families Living Abroad

Our Quran Center Online is beneficial for Kids and Adults. This is to provide the best online environment for Quranic and Islamic teachings. Islamic Quran Center wants to attract more and more people to Islamic teachings so that you or your kids can be familiar with Islam—especially those children of Muslim individuals or families living abroad and deprived of Islamic teachings. Our Al-Quran Center Online strives to serve children and adults with Islamic education. We want to increase their Islamic knowledge in a big way. Our main objective is to promote the values of Islam throughout the World. Therefore, every aspect must be authentic. We always try hard to keep our organization updated and accurate.

Why Choose Our Online Al-Quran Center?

Our Al-Quran Center Online always strives to provide religious services to Muslims, which is vital to surviving with dignity in Islamic society. We always wanted a system free of favouritism, nepotism, and recommendations. Islamic Quran Center always prefers merit, which is our first basic. Our Institute provides equal treatment to students in the academic field, which is very important from the Islamic point of view. Regarding education, we always act professionally and honestly and never compromise. Our Online Quran Center gives special instructions to its staff regarding their duties and makes them responsible for them.

An excellent Quran Memorization Center Online, to become a Quran Memorizer

Hafiz Quran has particular importance in Islam. Many parents want their children to Memorize the Holy Quran from an authentic Institution. For this purpose, the Islamic Quran Center provides a complete environment to such students. They can quickly join this course and complete it within a specified period. Our Quran Memorization Center Online is a reliable and authentic Institution for achieving this goal.

“Hazrat Abdullah bin Amar narrates from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that He (PBUH) said: It will be told to a Hafiz of the Quran that keep reciting the Holy Quran and keep ascending the stations of Jannah. Recite with Tarteel (slowly, following the rules of recitation) the way you recited in the World because your final station (of Jannah) will be where you were when you recite the last verse of the Quran.” (Musnad Ahmad – 6508)

If you want to know more about Memorization, you can visit our “Learn Online Quran Memorization Course” Page.

How does our Islamic Quran Center Serve Internationally?

Islamic Quran Center is one of the best Quran Centers which provides Quran and Islamic teachings Worldwide. We are an international organization, so our motives are also of global scope. As we all know, Muslims in Western countries always stay very worried about acquiring Islamic teachings. Apart from this, there are many other countries where Muslims want to learn the teachings of the Quran and Islam. So all those families who are living in foreign countries with their children. For their convenience, we have established our organization at the international level. So that all those people can benefit from the teachings of the Quran and Islam online from any corner of the World.

As an international organization, we provide services in countries like the U.K., the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and all other Western countries. Therefore, our Institution’s responsible for equipping you with the best teaching system.

The Online Teachers of our Institution are very experienced and professional and have complete expertise in religious studies. They acquaint you with the teachings keeping in mind all the modern requirements. You can evaluate the teacher or seek guidance from other teachers during the trial period at our Institution. We want to keep our students engaged with our teachers so that they practice what they learn from them.

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