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Language difference is something you need to really take care of when you are learning the Quran. The main concern of our organization is to teach Quran to the Muslims around the world with Translation so that they don’t miss out on any detail. Being a Pakistan-based organization we understand the lingual difference between Urdu and Arabic. We always try hard to fill up that gap for our overseas Muslim brothers and sisters. That is the reason we provide Urdu translation classes for the Quran Pak. So no matter if you live in a foreign country,  you can now join us from all around the world, to learn Al-Quran Online from one of the best Online Quran teachers.


Talking about the fact why is it important to learn the Quran with translation. Let us give you an example suppose you don’t know how to speak French. But you have to receive a message in French how would you comprehend that message. If you don’t know the meaning. The same is the case when you learn the holy Quran without translation. Because if you would not learn the Quran with the translation you would not be able to learn the message given inside it. So to comprehend the message of all almighty you need to learn the Quran with Urdu translation.

Reading the Holy Quran is not only about reciting what’s written in it. But we also need to follow what’s written in it. And to follow what you read, you need to understand what’s written. To keep your life on the path of Islam and towards peacefulness. It’s really important to follow what our religion says. It’s really important to be a self-learner and self-absorber. But for that, you need to know the meaning. But don’t worry we are available for your guidance to comprehend the true meaning of words written when you talk about the holy Quran.


The translation is something that tells you the true extract of something written. So you need to be very sure when you choose the source of that translation. If you are in a search of an organization that would help you learn the Quran with translation Online then you have come to the right place. We offer Quran Pak with Urdu translation courses and much more. Not only al Quran with Urdu translation but we can help you no matter where you live around the globe.

We offer services of Quran with translation in countries like the UK, Canada, France, USA, Qatar, Africa, Australia, And all other Western countries. So if you are a Muslim and live in another country then I must say this is a golden opportunity for you guys to acquire something that would keep you connected to the religion and the roots. Being a part of this holy religion it’s our duty to spread the words of Allah Almighty to help our Muslim community all around the globe.


If you are choosing an online organization to seek some religious information. One needs to be really conscious when it comes to such a sensitive topic. The question may be why to choose us for this gracious task. You can go online and search for our organization and I assure you that you would come back to join us with much more confidence because of all the evidence which speaks about our organization‘s efforts. We assure you that we provide the best Quran translation services.

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