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If you are really into something it’s really important that you not only read it but also get to know its true meaning. For that, we have come up with Tafseer e Quran classes in Urdu at our Quran center. You can now get connected with us and learn Quran Online under the supervision of talented and certified teachers who know how to teach the Quran in a way that children get to know its real meaning and learn its meaning rather than just reciting it. If you have learned everything in Urdu your whole Life then our Online Quran Academy is the best opportunity for you to learn Tafsir Al Quran in English as well. We will surely help you to learn and recite Quran by Word. In this age where social media have given so much hype, we want to use this hype positively by spreading the word of Allah almighty.


Are you new to learning or reciting Quran? Do you want to soak each and every word of the Quran in your mind? Do you belong to Pakistan or Urdu is your national language? If yes then I would highly recommend you to join us and learn Quran Tafseer in Urdu by joining us.

If you are simply reading anything in a language you don’t even know then you won’t get the true meaning of that book. So when we talk about learning the holy Quran then it becomes really important to recite Quran with Tafseer. Because this is the only way that you would get to know the message of Allah. Unless you will only recite it and not get to know the true meaning of the words written. To be a good Muslim we need to know what’s written inside the holy Quran so that we can follow it.


We want to educate our Muslims all around the world regarding Al Quran tafsir by word that is why we offer tafsir Quran classes on really easy terms. You must be thinking about how can we serve Muslims who live abroad, so don’t worry we have come up with the service of tafsir online. So now you can learn Tafseer e Quran by sitting at home. The Internet has changed our lives so why not something that is beneficial for our Muslim sisters and brothers in this regard. I am damn sure that we provide one of the best tafsir of Quran service online. So are you worried about learning Al Quran tafsir by word? Join us now and learn everything about the holy Quran.


You must be thinking that how can people speaking different languages can connect to us on a single platform. We have the answer to that question. We have certified and talented Online Quran teachers who can speak different languages and connect to different people around the world. So now we have made the task of learning Tafseer e Quran Pretty much easier for you. Learn Tafseer Quran online with a single touch now and connect to us. We are sure our worthy services will make you happy. Quran Tafseer online Is actually a mission by our Online Quran center to educate our Muslim brothers regarding the message of Allah almighty and tell them about the true essence of the Holy Quran. So what are you waiting for grab your laptops or mobile phones? And register with us with just a single touch.


Our Tafseer Quran Services are not age bound, nationality bound, country bound, or language bound. We welcome people of all ages, countries, languages, and even religions. Because We want to spread Allah’s almighty Message and attract people more and more towards Islam. If you want to know about the scope of our services. Then I would give an idea by mentioning certain countries like Qatar, France, the UK, the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Africa, and all other Western countries. So no matter which country you belong to. Go online and connect with us.  I’m damn sure that you guys won’t regret connecting to us, it would be one of your best decisions.

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