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How many Lessons or Chapters are there in Noorani Qaida E-Book?

As many people want to know, How many Lessons (اسباق) are there in the Noorani Qaida Course E-Book? Therefore, Noorani Qaida consists of a total of Seventeen (17) Lessons (اسباق) taught in the Arabic language. The First chapter of this E-book is “The Alphabets,” while the last chapter is “Ending of Rules.” Moreover, the purpose of designing this book is to develop an understanding of the basic Arabic Language among unfamiliar individuals. This Qaida Noorani will also create ease in reading the verses of the Holy Quran.

Noorani Qaida E-Book Complete Chapters or Outlines

The syllabus of the Noorani Qaida book is as follows:

  1. The Alphabets
  2. Joints Letter
  3. The Muqatitat Letters
  4. The Movements
  5. The Tanveen
  6. The Movements and Tanveen
  7. Standing Fatha, Standing Kasrah and Standing Dhuma
  8. The Madd o Lee
  9. Exercise of Movement, Tanveen, Standing Fatha Standing Kasrah Standing Dhuma, and Madd o Leen
  1. The Exercise of Sakoon
  2. The Tashdeed
  3. The Sakoon o Jazm
  4. Exercise of Tashdeed
  5. Tashdeed with Sakoon
  6. Tashdeed with Tashdeed
  7. Tashdeed with Madda Letters
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