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Examples of Noorani Qaida Arabic Alphabets Sound:


In this blog, we will discuss the basic sounds of Arabic Qaida Letters. In the Noorani Qaida Book, sounds of letters such as "Alif Madd آ" sound "Aaa آ," "Bay ب" for "Baa با," last Example, "Tay ت" for "Taa تا." In Noorani Qaida course, we teach all Arabic letter sounds in detail. Likewise, this is a great way to understand...

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Is Noorani Qaida Translated into other languages?

Yes, Noorani Qiada's book has been translated into many languages: country-wise. But remember that only learning and instruction processes have been translated into different languages. However, the rest of the letters and words are Arabic. In Summary, this book has been translated into most languages which are as follows: In English Language Urdu Language Persian (Farsi) French Language Spanish Language...

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How many letters are there in Arabic or Noorani Qaida Book?

If we talk about Arabic letters, there are 29 letters (حروف) in the Arabic language, out of which 28 letters have different sounds, while the letter Alif (ا) has no sound. Furthermore, in reading and writing, the Arabic letters/words start from right to left side of the page. These letters combine to form words. Recognition and understanding of these letters...

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How many Lessons or Chapters are there in Noorani Qaida E-Book?

As many people want to know, How many Lessons (اسباق) are there in the Noorani Qaida Course E-Book? Therefore, Noorani Qaida consists of a total of Seventeen (17) Lessons (اسباق) taught in the Arabic language. The First chapter of this E-book is "The Alphabets," while the last chapter is "Ending of Rules." Moreover, the purpose of designing this book is...

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Who wrote Noorani Qaida Book? (Author)

If we talk about the first Author (مصنف) of Noorani Qaida (نورانی قاعدہ), who wrote this book, then we have to go to the 19th century. Yes, it was first introduced by Sheikh Noor Muhammad Al-Haqqani (شیخ نور محمد الحقانی), a famous religious scholar of the 19th century. Who belonged to the Ludhiana district in the province of Punjab of the Indian Subcontinent....

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What is the meaning of Qaida? (Definition)

If we talk about the word “Qaida (قاعدہ),” then it means “The Principle, Foundation, Base, Constitution, Ritual, Manner, Style, Method, Manner, Law, and Regulation.” This is the book; with its help, anyone can quickly learn the foundation or basis of the Arabic language. Therefore, the meaning of the word Qaida infers that the Arabic Language can be understood better through this Book....

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What is the Arabic Book of Noorani Qaida? (Introduction)

Noorani Qaida (نورانی قاعدہ ) is a Basic Arabic Tutorial Script Textbook for learning the Arabic language as well as starting Holy Quran. With its help, we know the sound of the Arabic language letters and the sound of the words connected with these letters. Thus, this book teaches us the Arabic language easily, after which we can read the Holy...

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