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What is the Arabic Book of Noorani Qaida? (Introduction)

Noorani Qaida (نورانی قاعدہ ) is a Basic Arabic Tutorial Script Textbook for learning the Arabic language as well as starting Holy Quran. With its help, we know the sound of the Arabic language letters and the sound of the words connected with these letters. Thus, this book teaches us the Arabic language easily, after which we can read the Holy Quran verses.  Islamic Quran Center Specially Designed the Noorani Qaida E-Book Online for the ease of students who don’t want to get Live Services.

To learn any language, an essential book is created relating to that language. We can completely master this language only by knowing this book. Firstly, understanding the alphabet of that language is necessary to learn any language. Secondly, these alphabets combine to form words. Thus, it is also essential to learn the sound of these words. Thirdly and importantly, Words combined to form sentences. In Conclusion, it is necessary to have a complete understanding of these sentences. As a result, if we correctly understand and learn all these steps, we can speak and read the language thoroughly.

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