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Noorani Qaida Lesson 10: Exercise of Movement

Tutorial Instructions:

Exercise of Movement: Standing Fatha, Kasra, Damma, and Maddoleen or Tanween

If there is Hamza ( ء ) after Maddah, maddah will be any of the four kinds.

  1. If Hamza is in the same word Maddah will be called Madd Al-Muttasil. ( جَآءَ ).
  2. If Hamza is at the beginning of the next word, Maddah will be called Madd Al-Munfasil. ( اِنَّآَنْزَلْنَا ).
  3. If there is Sukoon (Silent) after a Maddah or Leen Letters the word will be prolonged like Madd and is Called Madd Al-Lazim. ( آلْنَٰن ).
  4. If Sukoon is due to waqf (Stop) madd is called Madd Al-Aarid (Casual). ( جُوْعٍ ).

All these Madd’s are Prolonged from three to five seconds.

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