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Noorani Qaida Lesson 4: The Muqatta’at Letters

Noorani Qaida Lesson (Chapter) 4 (Four) “The Muqatta’at Letters” Free Online. In Arabic, 14 specific letters are recognized as (Muqatta’at al-Haruf or Muqatta’at Letters). The Al-Muqatta’at letters are revealed at the beginning of the 29-surah of the Holy Quran. Discussing its meaning is difficult because only Allah knows its true meaning. There are 14 single letters in (Muqatta’at Letters). From these (Muqatta’at Letters) the Muqatta’at Letters words are also formed.

Example of “The Muqatta’at Letters”:

1: In Single letters (ص, ق, ٓ, ن) (Noon, Madd Sign, Kaaf, Swad) include letters like.
2: Two 2 Letter words like (يٰسٓ, حٓم, طٓس) (Taa Seen, Haa Meem, Yaa Seen).
3: Recognition of words connected with 3 letters (الٓمّۤ‏, الٓــٰر, طَســٓم) (Taa Seen Meem, Alif Laam Raa, Alif Laam Meem).
4- Similar 4 Letter word Example is (الٓـمر) (Alif Laam Meem Raa)
5- And Five Letter word Example is (كـــٰهـٰيـٓعـٓص) (Kaaf Haa Yaa Ain Swad)

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