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Noorani Qaida Lesson 9: The MaddoLeen

Tutorial Instructions:

If the letter before Alif has Fatha, Alif ( ۱ ) is called Alif Maddah, if the letter before WaW Sakin ( وْ ) has Damma, WaW ( و ) is called Waw Maddah and if the letter before Ya Sakin ( یْ ) has Kasra, Ya ( ی ) is called Ya Maddah. They are Prolonged equal to one Alif or one to Two Seconds.

If the Letter Before Ya Sakin and WaW Sakin has Fatha then Alif and WaW are Called Leen Letters and they are neither prolonged nor read with Jerk.

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Nine (9)The MaddoLeenPage 15, Page 16, Page 17

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