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Noorani Qaida Lesson 2: The Alphabets with Sounds

Tutorial Instructions:

Alphabets are the Building block so they need special attention. Students must focus on the pronunciation and identification of Dots on different letters. You should read this from left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top. Moreover, practice on bold and light notes. Remember, if students do not learn this lesson well, they will be in trouble in later studies.

Lesson Details:

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Two (2)The Alphabets with Sounds 03-Page (252.96 KB)

Start Lesson:

ا ب با Baa ت تا Taa ث ثا Saa ج Jeem ح حا Haa
خ خا Khaa د Daa ذ Zaal ر را Raa ز زا Zaa س Seen
ش Sheen ص Suaad ض Duaad ط طا Tuaa ظ ظا Zuaa ع Aeen
غ Ghaeen ف فا Faa ق Qaaf ک kaaf ل Laam م Meem
ن Noon و واؤ Wao ہ ھا Haa ء Hamzah ي یا Yaa یے یا Yaa

Part: 1

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