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Noorani Qaida Lesson 18: Ending of Rules

Tutorial Instructions:

If Noon Sakin and Tanween are followed by Yarmaloon Letters: ( ی ر م ل و ن ) we will do Ghunna with Idgham in all Letters Except ( ر ) and ( م ) where only Idgham will be done. You Must not to read the letter before Tashdeed ( مَنْ رَّبُّکَْ ) Whenever Noon Sakin and Tanween are Followed by ( ب ) it will be converted into Meem and Ghunna will be done. When Meem Sakin is Followed by ( ب ) or ( م ) we will do Ghunna and Meem Sakin. If the letter before ( ل ) in the word (Allah,  الله) has Kasrah ( ر ) will be light.

Lesson Details:

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Eighteen (18)Ending of RulesPage 32, Page 33

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